Sunday, January 17, 2010

lots of dudes in this post.

so for sean's birthday (which was last week) i got him tickets to tonight's
 Utah Jazz game. let me tell you these seats were amazing. by amazing, i
 mean that they were terrible and on the highest possible row in the whole
entire stadium. but that's okay, it could always be worse right?
wait, i guess in this case it couldn't be.

yeah, we might look close, but this is me zoomed in as far as possible.
that is how good our seats were.

this is the back of sean's hoodie that i got him for his birthday.

this is like the 10th picture we tried to take.

i subtly hinted to sean tonight in a totally unsubtle way that he must hate taking pictures of me or something and that i must be ugly. he grabbed the camera and started to talk like this..
{mind you, it was in a somewhat not heterosexual voice, if you catch my gist...}

"oh, chloe, work it! this is just perfect. beautiful. work it girl! work it.
oh this is just lovely. beautiful. say cheese. oh yes girl. perfect. love it. oh yes. i am in love."

yeah i felt stupid and said i guess i never wanted him to take a picture of me ever again.
if that was what it was going to be like. NO THANKS.

the jazz won by a lot. it wasn't the most exciting game, but we still had fun.
i texted to win a date with Kyle Korver.

 still waiting to see if that happens.
i tried to get sean to text too, because it would increase my chances of getting
to go on a date with Kyle. he wasn't so down with that.
i tried to explain that it was just dinner and would be totally innocent,  and i
am sure he wouldn't try anything of the first date, but
i am not sure he really bought that. i don't think i won. even if i do?
i just won't tell sean because i am not that mean of a wife.

oh and we saw Avatar last night. wanna know what i didn't like about it?
that the bulb went out 30 minutes into it, and we had to wait
30 minutes for them to repair it. other than that?
i actually really enjoyed it. it was unlike any other movie
that i have ever seen. but i decide that is a good thing,
because i have seen A LOT of movies. i told sean that
i might have a crush on an avatar though.

actually, it is the guy that plays the avatar, but i told him
it was the avatar so he might think that there was not a good
chance of me actually hooking up with meeting a blue man,
but it's really the other dude. oh, wait. i am married huh?
i probably need to remember that. but come on,
it's an avatar! (not really) how often does that chance come up??
i am going to go with never.
but with kyle korver? well that could happen.
stay tuned.


sean does not know who John Cusack is.
you guys. this is a big deal, because when i just typed in
Cusack? there was no error in my spell check.
that means that John Cusack is so well known,
that his name was entered into the spell check dictionaries,
and sean still doesn't know who he is.
i tried naming movies he was in.
i tried tell him that he has a sister named Joan.
still nothing.
i am not saying i love John Cusack or anything.
but come on!
do you guys know who he is?

 oh well, i am off to watch the Notebook for the gajillionth time.
because i love Rachel, James, and Ryan. and i can't not watch it,
every single time that it is on TV. just like Home Alone.
sean has been asleep for a couple of hours.
this is our life.

oh, and don't forget to enter the giveaway! i will be posting
the winners on Monday morning!

{also, in case you couldn't tell, i would never actually cheat on sean.
only in monopoly. but that is it.}


Caroline said...

The Notebook was on tonight and I watched it!!! Oh that is one of my favorite movies.... LOVE!!! And... I have a bit of a crush on the guy that plays the Avatar too... Chloe send me an email with your address and I will send you something Slug related :) don't worry you won't get real slugs just something small from your blog friend in California!! Any who.. enjoy your weekend!! xo

Selma said...

seriously? who doesn't know mr cusack?! he's a great actor, chose a few bad movies but still. i like him. not my favorite but still he's good and i've seen lots of movie with him in it. so i can't think of anyone not knowing him. ok, now it's sean. :( but now he knows, i hope. ;) hehe...and yes, i'm having a crush on that blue man, too. or the real guy. whatever. having a crush on an avatar isn't that bad. ;) haha. and yes, the game you went to sounds great, even with those seats all the way up there. :) you were at a game, that is all that counts. :)

love the pictures!!!!! as always. ;)

happy sunday. :D xoxo

olivia rae said...

sounds like SUCH a fun weekend. back row seats are fun!! and tyler always does the exact same thing with the camera, which usually results in me getting really embarrassed and not having one picture i like. tyler loves to draw attention haha. glad you guys had fun though!!

notebook is one of my favorites too.. you know it's in charleston right?! all those places are seriously on the street where i live! when they're in college that's on the college of charleston campus, and where they are lying down in the street, and then when she's on the bus and he sees her, that is RIGHT where i live. oh and where they're on the boats, that's cypress gardens (i've blogged about it before) but you can get in the boats and row yourself around and it's SO beautiful! xoxoxo

crissy said...

So, I never knew what Korver looked like til now. And I gotta be honest...I don't know why everyone makes a fuss over him. He's not good looking (maybe a bad picture?) Is it just because he's a single Jazz player, and that means he's rich and available? I dunno. Anyway...
I watched the Notebook for the first time the night before Cori's birthday. He was asleep, so I stayed up and watched it by myself. Rachel, Ryan and James are awesome and I love them. Then, it made me feel all sappy and lovey-dovey, because it's precious, so I went and wrote a love note for Cori to see in the morning when he got ready for work. Except it was his birthday when he saw it, and he hates his birthday, so I thought he might think it a ploy to be doing something for I explained it was because of the Notebook.
Anyway, enough rambling. I am going back to bed now. (I was only up to start my pot roast.) (Do you like pot roast? My recipe is bomb.)

chelseybell. said...

i LOVE john cusack. my boyfriend and i reference him on our conversations probably daily :).

The Boob Nazi said...

I would like to win a date with him for real. Yum.

Lauren Elizabeth said...

there are a lot of dudes! but that's a good thing, of course! i still have not seen avatar...i should get on that (that avatar guy is beautiful). he doesn't know who john cusack is? crrrrrrazy! :)

xoxoKrysten said...

How on EARTH does he not know who John Cusack is!?!?! I think that means that you guys need to have a John Cusack movie marathon and then he will NEVER forget who he is!

Tuesdai Noelle said...

Happy Sunday Chloe!

:::Smile:: ha @ you texting to win a date with Kyle...he's cute :) You and Sean look to be having FUN. And yea everyone know's "John". I like his movie with Julia Roberts...."America's Sweetheart"....come to think of it, I never got my movie back from that one friend...hmmm. Woow @ the 30 minute bulb out....that happened to me while watching "The Grinch"(years ago of course) ....someone burnt popcorn and set the whole alarm off in the building. Moving along.....

Sidebar: Why haven't I still seen "Notebook' yet? Maybe, it's because I'm not a big fan of Rachel or Ryan on screen...besides I'd rather bury my head in a warm blanket and BIG buttery bowl of popcorn watching any movie with Meg Ryan...well at least there's two I never get tired of; Sleepless in Seattle & You've Got Mail. Meg & Tom have the most intriguing humorous chemisty on film...LOVE It. But guess it wouldn't hurt to see it. I love "love stories" as well.

Well, hope all is well. Bye :)

Ams said...

Chloe. You know, you always make me laugh girlie. And I about died with this post.
The fact that a) you were on the very top row. I don't think I really got your tweet until I now see the pictures. For real. Top row! lol
b) You and texting to get a date with a professional basketball player. You kill me. And I can't see why Sean wouldn't text to increase your chances!!!
c) The avatar guy is hot. I will stay tuned.
d) I love me some John Cusack... can we say Serendipity? I loved that movie.

Hope you had a great night watching The Notebook for the nine bazillionth time ever :)

And a great lazy Sunday!

Michael & Mindy said...

I like this post. Let's just get that out of the way.

Michael is trying to sleep while I type this. I started typing and he looked up all sleepy-eyed and I felt bad. So feel good that I'm ruining his sleep for you.

Okay. You were WAY too nice in that comment! Srsly. I am not well-rounded, but thanks for saying that! And thanks for liking my blog. And being my real friend. Even though we never hang out. ha.

I don't even think Kyle Korver is cute. What's teh deal-e-o with him? Why is everyone swooning? I'm not into it. But if you win that date it will be sweet. Even if I don't think he's cute.

I'm excited for the giveaway. I'm really banking on winning. Could you try to rig that for me?

This is not because of this post, but I just think you're the nicest person ever. Seriously. YOu were saying how Britt never says a mean thing? Hello. That would be you!

Oh. And you DO have style! Seriously. Even if you don't know what you're doing, it looks like you do!

Oh. And your comment was slightly threatening. But I like you, so I'll let it slide. Just this once

I am Stacey... said...

Okay, this isn't really related to your post, but it made me think of it, because you were talking about going on dates with other guys. Josh and I were watching Blades of Glory a few months ago, and when it got to the part where Will Ferrell grabbed that chick's boobs, I asked Josh if he would be okay with it if I had been playing that girl in the movie. And he said, "That would be fine! Then I could tell everyone that Will Ferrell touched my wife's boobs!"

Claire Voisine- backdrop blog said...

He is crazy for not knowing the Cusacks!

Nosebleed seats are still fun at NBA games. The energy in the whole stadium is what the men are after anyway! (and maybe the dancers...but not my husband...)

My hubs' birthday is in February, and I want to surprise him with Laker vs. Blazer tickets. I already know that will bump me up to best wife ever status, even if the seats suck :)

Glad you had fun! Love your blog!

crissy said...

I forgot to mention: of course I know who John Cusack is. Cori does too ("He's an actor that does a lot of chick flicks...")
I guess Sean is just weird.

Michelle said...

Sean doesn't know who john cusack is??? ACtually I can't be too suprised because this guy I know doesn't know who like ANYBODY is , seriously. I was talking about Leonardo Di Caprio and he was like "Oh the guy in Titanic or something?"

there are a bunch more examples, but I guess guys are just not that into knowing who people are...

PS. I looove the notebook! Ryan Gosling is one of my favorite guy actors

Rasha said...

Too funny... and i love the notebook so much!

Rasha said...

Too funny... and i love the notebook so much!

Morgan said...

1. Obsessed with The Notebook. I'd watch it everyday if I had the time.
2. He didn't know who John is?! I LOOOOVVVE John.
3. Loved Avatar as well -can't believe you had to wait so long but it was definitely worth it!
Happy Sunday!

Jenni said...

hahahaha oh Chloe. You are hilarious!!! I love that you have a crush on him! haha, he is pretty hot!
I can't believe he doesn't know who John Cusack is! I mean, he may not be the best actor out there, but he's an 80's icon!!! And I LOVE him in Serendipity!

Allison said...

Hahaha- this is HILARIOUS. I can just picture Sean doing the "work it, girl!".. SO funny. And I'm seriously crossing my fingers for you to win that date.. and then to post Sean's reaction! ;D

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

WHAT?!?!? How could he not know the Cusacks??? That's funny that you watch The Notebook and Home Alone every time they're on TV because I do the same thing! The Notebook was on last night, so I watched it again for the zillionth time. I love it!

my name is lauren. said...

awwww! jealous i wasn't there to watch the notebook with you. i don't watch it often cause i hate watching it alone.

and i love that sean did his "non-hetero" voice for picture taking. that seriously made me laugh out loud.

and what the heck? who doesn't know john cusak? has he never seen an 80's movie? i actually can't stand john cusak and i can't stand joan even more, but still...i know who they are. and another thing.... who names their kids john and joan? lame. actually, i do know someone who has two daughters named eva & ava. really? obviously i would never say anything....but could it get any lamer?

Busy Bee Lauren said...

Dude. It's John Cusack! Of Better off Dead! Best movie ever.

And hi. I am in love with Jake Sully, in avatar form :)

The Huffakers said...

I love John Cusack in Serendipity.... that movie melts me!! Btw, your blog is the highlight of my day. I usually get a good laugh out of your posts. Tells you how exciting my life is. Anyway, gotta go take my handicap husband to go pee. Love your blog!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Omg I love John!!! He's been in some of THE best romantic movies!

Shane and Chelsea Elton said...

Hahaha, there are so many great things about this post I don't know where to start...

what an awesome birthday present! and a chance to go out with korver?! adda girl for taking it!;)

it's funny because i guess i'm more into pop-culture than my husband and for some reason it drives me bananas when he has no clue who or what i'm talking about. i doubt he knows who john cusack is too.

i wonder if it's a girl thing to be able to watch a movie you love over and over. i do it all the time. and the notebook is a classic!:)

Shane and Chelsea Elton said...

ps- so you're saying i should go see avatar? still haven't been!

Rhianne said...

I've only watched the Notebook once - I cried so much and I still havent really recovered lol.

Not knowing who John Cusack is is crazy, make him watch high fedility!

oh and the avatar man is yum! :)

I love your blog :)

Ashley Eliza said...

i am too OBSESSED with the NOTEBOOK. I really watch it at least a few times a month, along with my best friends wedding once a week, and top GUN!..

Looks like you had fun at the JAZZ game..i love nosebleeds! :) xoxo

Nahl said...

hahaha sean is soo funny!
I haven't watched Avatar yet, but I'm dying to-that and Sherlock Holmes.

Micaela said...

i LOVE NBA games, esp. when it's your team and a birthday gift. My very first basketball game was on my 25th last year when my brand new fiance took me to see the Dallas Mavericks. What a great gift :) i think you got brownie points right? (forgetting the text to win a date with the beautiful nba player lol)

i liked Avatar too! and yes, he was eye candy to watch. What else is he in? i couldn't think of it. Did it remind you of that cartoon Fern Gulley?

John Cusak?! really? he's never seen "cant buy me love?" that made me giggle :)

Sam said...

That makes me think of a time when I was talking about Scarlet Johansen and my brother didn't know who she was.. I thought every guy was obsessed with her? Or at least know who she is. But not my brother. Can't say he lived a sheltered life since we grew up together.

JoJo and Ralph said...

I just wanted to tell you about the time I sat in those
seats and I had an anxiety attack and I ran out because I thought I was going to throw up and then I walked
around outside crying and breathing deeply until the game was 4 hours :(

JoJo and Ralph said...

I just wanted to tell you about the time I sat in those
seats and I had an anxiety attack and I ran out because I thought I was going to throw up and then I walked
around outside crying and breathing deeply until the game was 4 hours :(

samnhal said...

How does he not know who John Cusack is? For real. Did he recognize him when he saw a picture of him? I'm pretty sure that Hal doesn't know the names of anyone, but he recognizes their faces....but the Cusack family is pretty famous. Those seem like pretty awesome seats, because they're the only place I have ever sat for the maybe 2 Jazz games I have been to.
I was surprised. I liked Avatar too. I had no desire to see it, and I liked it. That is awful about the bulb though, because the movie is already long enough, but to wait for another 30 minutes...I might have died. Except, the guy would have made me not die, because he is indeed mega attractive, and much better can it get?

Jocelyn said...

i love john cusack! I saw Avatar last night and it was awesome! I came home and hoped that I would have some crazy awesome dreams...but sadly that didn't happen! Did you see in it 3D?

heather said...

ok, seriously, in love with your blog. i love how honest you are! even if it is rambling :)

1. i'm obsessed with the notebook. it gets me every single time.

2. i want to live on pandora. doesn't it remind you of fern gully?

3. that's pretty funny that sean didn't know who john cusack was. however, i am probably the absolute WORST with names (i need to see faces), so i know where he's coming from!

ps. check my blog for an award. :)