Tuesday, December 1, 2009


the other day i tried to take pictures of that ladies house while 
driving. i know. they say don't text and drive,
but i'm pretty sure they didn't say anything about taking pictures
while driving with glasses that aren't strong enough.

this is just one side of the house. she has like
5 nativity scenes on the other side. 

it wasn't really snowing in my car. or outside of it.
i just kinda wanted it to be snowing.
it is hard to see a lot of them.
pictures don't do it justice.
when i drove by the next morning?
there were more out.
sean wouldn't walk over with me to take pictures.
he was up for the championship against Tiger.
apparently that is more important than humoring his
wife who wanted to take pictures of some strangers lawn.
he needs to get his priorities in order.
he won, in case you were wondering.

anyway, without him there,
i had to count on my own.
there were over 20 blow up figurines.
some are smaller than others, and some are
hiding behind others.
i'll keep you posted on this fascinating story.

something flew in my the other day
and i had to take out my contacts that i am supposed to take
out every night but haven't in 2 months.
so i had to wear my glasses today that aren't strong enough.

i don't love them. i think they are too big for my face.

it's been one of those weeks where i can't turn my mind off.
i hate it. i haven't been able to sleep at night because
i can't stop thinking.

it's hurting my head. i don't even know what
i am thinking about.
no one is benefitting from me thinking.
it's all dumb stuff.
like the other night we watched UP.
i couldn't stop thinking about the couple in it.
how i wanted to move my house to the top of a mountain.
how i want sean and i to have chairs like they do.
then i want a little boy like the one in the movie.
or at least with his voice.

then i think,
should we put our kids in boy scouts?
what about our girls?
what if they don't like it?
what if they meet an old man who decides to
put a bunch of balloons on his house and fly away?
would that concern me? should it?

i think it would be pretty neat.
then i think, sean would probably worry a lot.
then we might fight.
because i think it would be one of those cool "life experiences"
and it would add character to the kid.
sean would be like "it's not safe"
or something grown-up like that.
then i think about the chances of that ever
happening are slim to none.
and then i get kind of sad thinking about how
that could never happen but it sure does make for a good movie.

then i start thinking about how are kids are going to turn out.
will they be all show-offy and responsible like sean?
will they be motivationally challenged and good at sitting
on the couch like their mother?
will they think getting homework done early is important?
or will they work better under pressure like their mother?

me be a mother?
will they like scary movies?
will they even like movies?
will i let them watch movies that i watch?
will they look like me?
or sean?
or will they even like me?
will they like the movie UP?

will they ever have clean clothes?
who is going to do their laundry and cook for them?
man. i don't have all this figured out yet.

then i think about all the candy in our front room that is almost
gone. i just got it.
am i going to get cavities?
will sean like me still when all my teeth fall out?
should i maybe start flossing more?
nah. i am not that worried about it.
will i be a hypocrite when
 i eat candy and sean tells our kids not to and i
can't tell them not to because i won't have any teeth?

then i start thinking about how this is all ridiculous.
all this started from a movie that
we watched kinda late because sean
was tired but i wanted to stay up and watch it
and then i think that if we would have just
gone to bed like sean wanted to then i might not be
up thinking about all this.

then i start thinking about will our kids
stay up late like me?
or wanna go to be early like their dad?
then i feel lonely because they will probably
go to bed early and i will be the odd one in
the house who stays up late...
watching animated movies about a man
in a house with balloons on it and
too deeply analyzing my life.

but then i remember? that i am crazy.
and i need to just stop.
life is good when you are married to your best friend.
everything else will work itself out.

phew. at least i did one thing right.

let's hope our kids get more of their dad's genes...
then they can all be responsible and hardworking...
take care of me. that's what kids are for, right?


Machelle said...

ok first, thank you for your comment on my blog, you are so sweet. second, funny story about your neighbors house. believe me, they are not done yet. I know that house. when I was a kid my family would go get donuts and then drive around orem and provo and look at all the christmas lights. well, our favorite house to go to was your neighbor's house. back in the day they used to have little christmas martiens from outer space haha right next to all the nativities and such. so we just called it the martien house. we STILL do. and whenever we can get all of us together we still drive around and see the lights and we ALWAYS go to that house.

I'm pretty sure on certain nights they'll let you inside their house to see how its decorated on the inside and uhh just a side note: dont eat the cake. haha.

my name is lauren. said...

I totally do this....staying up late and thinking about random stuff. Then I end up bugging Craig while he's trying to sleep. A couple of nights ago I started thinking about our anniversary coming up and then about how long we've been married and maybe we should start thinking about baby making and then I asked him when he wants to have kids and he was like "ummm... Maybe we should probably talk about this at a better time... Like when I'm not trying to sleep.". Ooops. I think you'll be a great parent. Maybe half the kids will be responsible show offs like Sean and the other half will be hillarious and maybe a little disorganized :). I think both are good.

Oh....and...don't forget to take those pics of you and Sean. You can send a few and then I'll pick two. What colors do you like? I wanted to make sure to paint it a color that will match your house and not some random color you hate. I'm super excited. And you'll have to send me your address to. AND I need your email address too cause I have a question for you. Ok. That's all. This is super long. Hope you're having a lovely day beautiful friend!

The Boob Nazi said...

I hate gaudy houses like that.

Sydney Swift said...

i overanalysed UP too.
i came home and got stupidly emotional about how life was getting away from me, and i'm wasting all of my time in school.
i was probably very tired, but i still think i'm right.

Sam said...

odd! Here is the linK:

Ps-I haven't read this post yet, so I'll be commenting when I'm home :) Right now at work lol

Jenni said...

Oh twin...we are too alike! This is what it is like inside my head..ALL THE TIME! Ick. I hate when I can't get to sleep because my head jumps around and around until I can't stop thinking and before I know it I have contemplating dyinh my hair pink, learning to skydive, if I should buy that blue sweater I saw, what i'll have for breakfast, what I should buy for my mom for her birthday in 6 months and what those chairs from the movie Up would look like in our house!!! Cause PS- LOVE LOVE LOVE those chairs!!!! I want Spencer and I to find some and take our engagment pictures sitting in them (haha, whenever that happens) which leads to another entirly too long string of thought that I will just end....Now!
Love ya!!!!!

Rasha @ and this is what she said... said...

Her house rocks and its cool you put in snow.

Chloe, my glasses are not the right prescriptions too and often make my clumsiness more present.

I worry about things out of my control too.

and thats a cute pic of you guys xoxox

Randi Lee said...

haha. Who doesn't love the character in the neighborhood with entirely too many Christmas decorations?!?!?!

I've been waking up every hour on the hour lately. It's really not good for business. But, at least you're thinking when your up... I'm awake, but in a coma. Why can't I be one of those people that wakes up, stays up and gets things accomplished?!

Stacey said...

Don't worry, you can get dentures when all your teeth fall out from eating too much candy :)

I think I would let my kids go on a ride in a house with balloons attached. In fact, I would probably want to go too.

Elizabeth Marie said...

Ohhh we are like souls! I do this all the time. I am a ball of anxiety and worry and boo-ness. But in other news, I like your glasses. And you married your best friend, so you win.

and you have cute bangs, so life is gooooood!

kelly ann said...

your blog freaking rules. that is all.

*Lesli* said...

YOU are hilarious. I have these kind of conversations in my head too, and after awhile I'm like....how did I get to thinking about THIS? Then I retrace my thought steps and it's all really quite funny. ps. love your bangs.

Sam said...

That house is CRAZY! Well, not the house itself but the lady responsible. And I do the same thing with my contacts. They don't come out unless I get something in my eye. And I don't actually change the lenses unless they're bothering me at night and I'm too lazy to get up, so I just take them out and let them dry up on my night stand :-/ I always get the thing in the mail that says "it's time to order more contacts!" and I still have half my order left. Sorry you're thinking too much. I hate when that happens. And then you start talking to yourself in your head like "okay STOP THINKING" or at least that's what I do.

samnhal said...

Urgh, I totally do that all of the time....just think and not be able to fully function or sleep because of it which only makes it worse because you're sleep deprived and act even more weird because of it. It's a viscous cycle.
Did you love Up? I did! We have a Paradise Falls jar now because I was inspired. I think our husbands would get along, they seem to be alike.
Just get veniers when your teeth begin to go south and they'll still look pretty and you could just fool your children. It would make for a great surprise when they get older.

samnhal said...

Can I just say that I just realized you got married on Friday the 13th, and that is absolutely fantastic?

We ♥ Life said...

hahaha there were so many lines in all the rambling that made me laugh. I'm a total night owl and do the same thing though! My mind NEVER stops. Which is not good when your baby is first born and you wake up all the time. Once I'm awake I'm alert again and start thinking, which is so annoying cause I know I need to be sleeping.
Haha the blow-ups things are so funny. there are SO many of them!
I love the movie Up. We just saw for the first time a couple weeks ago. I think one of my favorite parts is that he names the bird Kevin? I just think that is so funny for some reason :)
Oh and I think your glasses are cute. I don't necessarily want glasses because I don't want to deal with bad vision yet, but sometimes I just want to wear glasses. ha. You look very scholastic Chloe :)

Allison said...

I love this post. And your love for Sean. Because it's cute and endearing and makes me want a husband too! :D
I totes think the glasses are BEAUTIFUL. and the lady's house is CRAZY! Please tell her that Allison thinks her house is awesome. And that she's awesome.

Shane and Chelsea Elton said...

Haha, I felt like you were describing myself like every other night. I hate when I can't shut my brain off and I think the most random things! But honestly, I think that you are going to be an awesome mom someday! I think your kids will have so much fun with you! And it's funny how you decribe yourself and Sean as kind of opposites because that's totally what me and Shane are! He keeps my feet on the ground, I swear. You are right also that everything works itself out when you have an awesome man!:)

p.s. I hope I don't comment too much! And that my comments aren't too long! And that I'm even making sense right now. Haha. :)

Michele said...

I hate when my brain won't turn off! At least your brain thinks of cool funny stuff:)

Anna said...

ok i loved this post. i can relate to being up late, thinking, thinking, thinking about thinking, and, in my case, realizing it's time for my nine a.m. class...so i sit in class ready to sleep. oy!

this was my favorite part: "will they be motivationally challenged and good at sitting
on the couch like their mother"
{i feel the same way!}

ok, i will stop rambling, but i just wanted to say your kids will LOVE reading this post one day. you should save it for them! : )


Selma said...

That's a lot of thinking there lady, but guess what, I do that all the time too! :) My brain won't shut up or turn itself off. So sad. haha. And hey, before I forget, don't ruin your eyes by NOT taking your contacts out...do that every single night. You may not feel it now but in a few years you will learn your eyes are going to be mad at you for not properly taking care of them. Trust me on this. :) And I love your glasses!!! :)
AND YES, I have not seen or read anything about don't drive and take pictures...I do this all the time!!! Oops... ;)

olivia rae said...

chloe this is such a sweet post!! you and sean are adorable and perfect and you're going to have the most amazing kids ever!!

Michael & Mindy said...

freak. you are post-mcgee lately. i was so into this post i couldn't stop reading it to pee. seriously. sitting at parent conferences. bouncing my knee. both knees. need to pee. and still reading. you must be magical. oh. in case you're wondering...still bouncing. had to comment before i pee. cool.

Nahl said...

I am the opposite. I think about the past, and rethink it and imagine that it had turned out to be the opposite. Atleast you're better than that! And you're right...getting married to your best friend is a sure fire signal that things will turn out for the very better. :)

kayla & tyler said...

HAHAHHAHA oh chloe. you crack me up! that lady's house is completely out of control. by the way, I hate those blow up things everyone has in their yards. they are super ugly. thanks for making me laugh SO hard.

Diana said...

Girls with glasses do get passes, especially if you are Chloe. Tell Sean to watch out!

KimJo said...

I love the crazy neighbor's house! My parents' neighbor has a bajillion of those blow-up Christmas scenes. You know what I'm talking about? They aren't really firgurines.. they're like snow globes, but ginormous and the blow-up kind. Seriously, I counted at LEAST 15 on their lawn. Out of control. But at least they've got the Christmas spirit, right?... Blow-up style. I love that you get suck a kick out of it! So do I:)