Thursday, December 3, 2009

to-do, or not to-do.

I'm not good at making lists. Maybe it's not that I am not good at physically writing a list..
It's that I will never actually do anything on the list. So instead of the list saving me time,
it is actually wasting my time. I always hear how people love that feeling of crossing everything off of the list and feeling all accomplished and whatnot, but I just get depressed because I never cross anything off. I remember being little. I used to write lists and most all of the things on them were things I had already done that day...cuz I wrote it at night...

wake up
go to the bathroom
maybe brush teeth
do hair. kind of.
put on clothes.
go to school.
eat lunch.
go home from school.
watch baby story.
watch saved by the bell.
watch saved by the bell again.
think about doing homework.
play with friends.
eat dinner.
go to bed.

I kid you not. This was my list. I found it when looking through a bunch of old stuff. I can't believe I scheduled time for TLC's Baby Story. Actually  I can. That show rocks.

But today I was thinking that there is a lot of stuff I probably should do.
I am not going to call this a to-do list. more of a ....

"Things I should probably do but know that I won't do" list.

here goes:

get social security card changed. i've only been married 9 months. give me a break!
start christmas shopping.
grocery shop. all we have left is one frozen pizza.
do last months visiting teaching.
go buy new underwear because i know i won't do laundry.
think about writing thank-you cards from wedding.
decide that i will probably not do that.

yeah, that's about it. I like to aim low. If I don't make a list, and accomplish something? Well then no matter what I do, I feel accomplished. So yeah. Today? I woke up. Went to work. Ate some food. Read about pro-athletes transgressions. Talked to people. Talked to people about the crazy twin conspiracy in Brazil. (seriously, it's crazy) Drank 66 oz. of Diet Dr. Pepper already. also drank some chai. went to the bathroom 67 times. and had 2 cookies. and some Cap'n Crunch. and a Sandwich. and a bag of SunChips. and a cup of goldfish crackers.

I'm feeling incredibly accomplished. seeing as I went far above and beyond what I didn't write on my "to-do" list that doesn't exsist. I have gotten a lot done today. Feelin' good. What have you accomplished today?


missy. said...

lately i have been awful with my to do lists i used to be the queen of them! now... not so much uggh.

love that you posted a list from the younger years. i remember making those lists of waking up, get ready etc. why would need to make a to do list about htat? we already know we need to do them.. haha crazy kids :)

Maddie said...

i like it! a "what i've accomplisehd today" list rather than "what i HAVE to accomplish today". i could definitely see how that could make one feel better. good job chlo! looks like you can brush your hands of this busy day, curl up on the couch (add that to the list), then watch tv (add that to the list) without any guilt! :) hehe

The Socialite said...

haha I watch a baby story too! I even watched it in HS. Weird.

What twin conspiracy in Brazil? On my list: watch the news!

I do tons of lists, but somehow they just add to my anxiety. Maybe no list is a better solution?!


Nicole Marie said...

hahaha i buy new underwear when i'm too lazy to do laundry too!!!

Juli said...

Chloe! I can't believe how much alike we are! It's too funny. I used to do the same thing, and may or may not still do it. Whenever I make a list, I always write down things that I've already done that day. always. you're too cute!

Juli said...

oh, and? I was just barely watching A Baby Story.

The Boob Nazi said...

I love your to do list. It's so ridiculous. Watch Saved by the Bell.

Rasha @ and this is what she said... said...

Your hilarious.

I love save by the bell hollaaaaa..

Your LDS? Wahooo. thats rocks (i am tooo)

i wish i had your to-dos mine suck :(

Stacey said...

Well, it sounds like you had a moderately productive day! At least you ate things and were social :) Me, all I did was sit around and watch TV.

Sam said...

haha funny! i made a list today at work which consisted of things i had already done. i crossed them out as i wrote them :)

i don't know anything about this twin conspiracy :-/

Elizabeth Marie said...

I havent taken a shower yet, and Im watching Ellen. Oh the joys of working from home.

I did eat 6 choc chip cookies though. So FTW!

Michael & Mindy said...

You are seriously my favorite! Thanks for making me laugh while I'm at parent teacher conference waiting for parents to come. Bleh. But seriously. This post? Rocks. And PS I almost just wrote Rox. As if I'm BBL or something. But truly, rox should be the new cool thing. Because it's way cool. Gross job on eating a sandwich. Come on. Haven't I taught you better than that? Like how to eat spaghettios with cheese or something? What is the deal! Srsly.

*Lesli* said...

I'm a list maker. But it usually gets buried in my purse somewhere. I am guilty of making lists of lists. Or making lists of things i've already done so it looks better. woot.

anna said...

don't feel bad. i have been married 7 years and still haven't changed my social card. i hate waiting in lines at government agencies. can't you just fill out a form online or something?

{megs in wonderland} said...

you know what i love about you chloe?! you are just as unproductive as i am! dont take it the wrong way, because i think its great, and to be honest i feel really good knowing there are other girls out there just like me.
i wake up late.
go to work all day.
come home and watch tv
and blog.

then go to bed.

i have a husband who loves me still, thats all that matters, riiiiight?

i heart you.

my name is lauren. said...

i love the "things i've already accomplished list". perfect. and aiming low.....also perfect :). you know that's my christmas card philosophy!

and, ummmmm.... p.s. i'm completely on-board with the buying new underwear in lieu of actually doing laundry. currently i have not done my laundry in 4 weeks. slightly ridiculous. but the time before this i actually did and folded ALL of my laundry and realized i'd bought so many new underwear (to replace the ones i was procrastinating to wash) that they no longer would all fit in my drawer....not by a long shot. craig started doing his own laundry about a year ago because i put it off for so long. so now we just do it separately, which makes me feel like we're not on the same page, and like maybe that's not good for our marriage, but then i realized it just means that craig apparently values clean clothes a little more than i do. that, plus he wears a uniform and they have a cleaning service to do his work clothes laundry for him, so he never has to fold nearly as much stuff. UGH!!!!

anyway, i heart you. that is all.

oh....and p.s.

i will forgive you that you are an oregon duck fan only because you actually have a relative that was a coach actual connection to the school. if you were a band wagon fan because you knew about phil knight (aka creator of NIKE) going there or because you liked their colors better or something like that i may have had to stop being blog friends with you. ok.... not really at all...but still.... band wagon fans are terrible.

mart and lu said...

i totally make lists that i'm embarrassed to show anyone because its not much of a real to do list but rather things that i should do like eat breakfast and brush my teeth. hehe!

Michael & Mindy said...

I am so glad you commented. I have been sitting here hoping someone would comment so I would have something to do. Because I already checked everyone's blogs. And nobody is updating anymore. And I'm bored.

I am BEYOND jealous of your alfredo. Yum. I am planning on Subway for dinner. So I can't judge your sandwich. Unless it was like a homeade turkey sandwich or something. Then I am totally juding.

Michael & Mindy said...

PS, I HATE to-do lists. I never make them. it overwhelms me. i would rather just think about the list in my head. and i don't even make a list in my head. i just do stuff. then hope everything gets done. and if not? then there is no list staring me in the face. i hate lists. i never make them. did i already say that? flip. 15 more minutes of ptc...

Michael & Mindy said...

oh. and i hate when people say kthxbye. so. freaking. annoying. i don't care if you say it. it's annoying. i needed to tell you that right now.

erin said...

Hi, Chloe...thanks for visiting my unicycle blog. I'm enjoying yours thing i do is write a to-do list in pencil every day and at the end of the day i just erase all the stuff i didn't do and move it to the next day. Then i cross off everything i did and it makes me look so accomplished. Your blog is sweet.

erin said...

Oh, i forgot to say, the Twinings Chai is the best, absolutely! Indian Spiced Chai!

Sofya said...

Ahhhh I make lists all the time...and nothing ever gets crossed out.

p.s. i recently stumbled upon your blog and i really love this whole hard working guy + lazy girl love story... just beautiful! i had to go to the beginning of you blog and I LOVE YOUR WEDDING PICTURES!
+ u guys are funny!

Stephanie said...

keeping standards low makes one feel awesome. i love it.

Shannon Murphy said...

aaahhh love this blog post!! This is actually, seriously... the story of my life... THANK GOODNESS you are the same way!! ahhhh!

Nahl said...

hahahaha how cute was that list where you crossed everything off but your homework!!!
I think I'll try making one though-maybe it'll help me get focused.
Btw thanks a TON for your lovely comment on my Break Up means the world to me. I read your post that you linked to and left a comment there to let you know that it speaks directly to me!

(Ka)Tinka said...

Hi Chloé ... I don't know you...and you don't know me.... and I have no idea how I got here but I thought I'd say hi anyway :)
I laugh everytime I read your posts. Say hi to Sean. I think I'm more like

Michele said...

Aim low feel good! That is my motto for the day! Cuz even if you aim high and accomplish all of it some one will still complain:) So live a happy semi productive life!

Elise Halladay said...

I love that you love chai. It is one of my favorite drinks ever. (And my husbands) Awesome :)

Jenni said...

aw You are so sweet!!!! If you lived closer I would totally take you to the ballet!!!!
I just love the holiday season. I'm around negative people from time to time and I just try to squash the grinches and focus on what I love! It takes time and patience to be able to me, i've had a few pity party days...but I try to focus and put it behind me and move on. :)
And at christmas time when you are surrounded by so much beauty how can you not!?

Anonymous said...

love your blog darling
keep it up!
so inspiring, beautiful
love it!
thanks for sharing
and thanks for the sweet comments

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Rachel Leigh said...

At least you made a list... I am not even that productive. And I watch a baby story all the time. I don't know why... It's like "I didn't know I was pregnant." Who knows why, but I love them!

Kristin said...

When I was pregnant the hubs banned me from A Baby Story cuz I would wig out every time I watched it. Ah ha ha

Randi Lee said...

eh, someone stole my purse 2 years ago and I still haven't bothered to get a new social security card. They're overrated!

Caroline said...

I love your blog... just stumbled upon it today!!

Michael & Mindy said...

I miss your blog right now. And I'm saying this because you haven't updated for a few days. BUT, I'm not complaining because you are great to keep me entertained daily, and I know you were busy and stuff this weekend. So no pressure, but I will be excited to see a new update!

Selma said...

I survived the weekend! :) Your list is funny though. I end up having a long list and never cross anything out...or maybe one thing...if at all. ;) Normal, huh?! And a big yay on Chai!!! Happy Monday.

samnhal said...

You don't even have to feel bad...I never sent out thank you notes and I have been married over a year and still haven't changed my last name officially...or really on anything at all because my husband accidentally threw away our marriage license. Yeah, awesome.

Kjrsten said...

I used to skip high school and go to a friends house to watch saved by the bell re-runs. slater loves jesse forever.

p.s. I think you are like my biggest photography fan. so thanks for that.