Tuesday, December 29, 2009

do you wash new clothes?

i am finally updating! ha. i know it really hasn't been that long but for some reason it feels like forever. sean and i both haven't been feeling too great. we have been way busy at work and i am needing to get caught up on blogs, so hopefully after i write this post i can do that :) if not? then maybe tomorrow!

we had a great christmas. we went to 4 different family parties on christmas eve. i don't know how we did it. i had no idea that getting married could cause such stress around the holidays. it kind of makes me sad because we both get so stressed out about getting to all the places that we need to be that sometimes we forget that it not what it is all about. regardless? we had a great christmas and were able to do it all.

here are my parents, aren't they beautiful?
my dad was trying to be funny and be one of those people
that always jumps in to any picture. i love him.

i don't think sean can take a normal picture.
that is why i married him though :)

here is sean and his nephew kaden. so cute huh?

after we got home from all of our parties,
sean threw on his lounge pants and i decided he could open a present.
and by decided i mean that i practically had to beg him to open it
because i was way too excited.
the big one (the gym pass) was already spoiled so i felt bad
and wanted him to open something that wasn't mailed from a
stupid gym. i got him this golf putting thing. not sure what you
would call it. but he enjoyed it :)

sean's parents got us some awesome sleeping bags and a lantern
so that we can go camping. my parents got us some sorell boots and this
awesome window scraper. it comes with that glove type thing attached to the handle.
unfortunately the scraper part wasn't built to last because it broke on the first
scrape. haha oh well. we still thought it was the neatest thing ever.

my mom got me the cutest wallet! i love it.
 its emerald green inside. and it has a mirror in it. so cool.

she also said that when she found these,
she just couldn't resist. they were too perfect for me...

{i am actually incredibly in love with them and can't wait to use them}

anyway, we had a great christmas. i also got mariokart for my ds and have been
playing that a lot. we got an office trivia game and it is way fun.

this weekend we went up to park city to go to the outlet malls.
this was originally the place where we were going to go when
my stupid car chuck decided that it wanted to be stupid and break down,
so we never made it. yes we were sluffing church, but really?
i mean come on. it's not like we were kidnapping babies or kicking puppies.
but whatever.

we got some pretty great deals on some stuff and sean seemed really
excited to get some new clothes. he is so funny. we are so different when we shop.
it was like i said earlier, sean doesn't buy things often, but when he does?
they are like $400 guns and golf clubs and expensive stuff.
i found these shirts at old navy for $5 and they were so cute so i had to buy one
in every color for some reason. sean has to try everything on.
i just grab it and say "oh cute! i am getting it."
even if it is the wrong size or something.
i keep thinking i will take it home and it will magically fit.
sean tries it on and has to look at it in every angle and bend his knees
and pretend to run in them just to see if they will work in any situation.
i probably need to not be so impulsive. but then again,
what fun would that be?

after we did all of our shopping and got home, this is what happens...

sean takes off all of his tags and labels. and get this.

um. WHAT.

i thought the whole point of buying new clothes was so that
you don't have to do laundry for a while.
plus the clothes are crisp and awesome and i feel like they aren't
as new after i wash them. don't get me wrong, i do wash them.
at some point.
but i don't wash them after i buy them.
sean thinks it is gross not to.

so anyway i put on my new clothes and clinged on to him and rubbed
my "dirty new clothes" all over him. just kidding i didn't do that
but i totally thought about it.

sean ended up washing some of his clothes with a label still on them
and it got sticky stuff all over.
after he told me this, i just looked at him in my crisp, new, unwashed clothes
and said,
"aww. that sucks"

earlier in the day i slept in until 3 because i just plain old
didn't feel like do anything else. it was the day after christmas?
isn't that what you are supposed to do? nothing?

sean started cleaning and i got all upset again because i hate
when he shows off and makes me feel all lazy.
i had started some whites a few days before and never got around to folding them.
i could hear sean open the dryer. he wanted to fold them.
he needed to put some other clothes in the dryer or something lame like that.
the dryer is my 2nd drawer, no wait my 1st,
and it really bothers me when someone gets all into
my business and wants to mess up the way that i do things.
i told him if he laid a hand on those whites i would make sure that
he regretted it. actually i called him from my cell phone to tell him that
because i didn't want to get out of bed. but that is not my point.

the next day or so, when i got around to needing some underwear,
i saw all the whites in the hamper. he insisted that he didn't fold them.
the funny thing was that i could tell he folded them but then
dumped them back in the hamper because i told him he would
regret it if he touched them.


{they are still sitting in the hamper. unfolded. i win!}

then last night he decided to make blueberry muffins.
not so he could eat them right away.
he wanted them for breakfast in the morning.
how cute is he?

then he came home and went grocery shopping while i bawled my eyes
out watching grey's anatomy and getting some rest.

he came home and was so proud because he bought all these
vegetables and i freaked out and told him to get those things out of my home.
just kidding i didn't but it was really cute because he was so proud that he spent less
than $70. i don't get it? every time i go grocery shopping i spend at least $100.
and i know what you are thinking, but i promise,
candy is not that expensive. and besides,
my mom got me treat jars. i can't fill those with healthy crap.
that is just sick and wrong.

anyway, sorry this post is long and stupid but i am sort of out of
it and think i am going to take some nyquil and go to bed.
hope you all had a merry christmas!


Michael & Mindy said...

I don't really think it's necessary for me to comment 947 times on every post, but I'll probably keep doing it anyway.

#1-I laughed picturing Sean running in his new clothes in the dressing room. So cool.

#2-He is crazy. The whole point of new clothes is so you can wear them when they are new and never washed. My oldest sister? She always washes her kids' clothes before they wear them. We tell her it's so weird. She keeps doing it. Then the first time you wear them they don't look new and smell new and whatever else. Crazies.

#3-Most of my clothes live in the dryer. I am really good at turning the dryer on while I'm getting ready so they aren't wrinkled. Then they stay in there until the next morning when I repeat the process.

#4-I love that Sean was domestic enough to make blueberry muffins. Even though I don't like blueberry muffins, it's still cool.

#5-I think Lauren's giveaway is way cool. I keep thinking I want to do a giveaway, but really? What would I give away? I have nothing cool to share.

#6-I am so glad you updated. I have been wanting to hear all about your Christmas. So glad I finally did.

#7-Love that polka-dot shirt you're wearing in that one picture.

#8-Michael got the new Call of Duty for Christmas. Is Sean into Call of Duty? Michael is obsessed. He literally played for 6 straight hours today.

#9-I don't want you to be sick and I don't want your work to be so busy. It's annoying. And it's not even me dealing with it. What??

#10-I love the jars. Totes fill them up with good stuff. I would.

#11-Don't be surprised if I comment again in like 9 seconds about something I forgot to say.

Rasha (andthisiswhatshesaid) said...

Cute pics.

I love your wallet, adorable.

the "sweets, treats..." is REALLY cute... what a great mom.

Ya, I know the whole clothes thing is weird, I never washed them before, but I read some weird thing about how you need too.... Ekkk

Yay for sean only spending $70... and yay for candy being so good.

Love you Chloe Bug!

my name is lauren. said...

first...i love nyquil. it is one of the greatest medical inventions ever...even before penecillin or whatever cured the bubonic plague. is it bad that i actually almost get excited when i get a cold, because it means i get to have nyquil? maybe...but i'm ok with it.

ummm....and i seriously can't believe that sean actually washes new clothes. i hate laundry so much that i totally go out and buy new underwear before i'll do laundry. true story. just did it last week. so.... what's the point of buying something new if not to avoid laundry? i don't get it. i think i will have to make my post tomorrow about my hate for laundry. in honor of you. craig actually finally put his foot down and made me fold my laundry the other day. i had like 3 hampers FULL and then other random items strewn about. i'll admit (only to you!) that it was getting a bit ridiculous, but who made him king of the laundry??? what the heck? he never washes dishes so we're even.

also...i LOVE those jars your mom got you. so completely perfect. i'm pretty sure i need some for my kitchen. maybe i'll have to make some. you should totally put sean's blueberry muffins in the snack jar. that would be awesome.

also...your family is so cute and i like that picture of you and sean...the one where sean's making a goofy face...you look real pretty.

ok...that's it. hope you took that nyquil and got some good sleep!

grant + brittany said...

grant and i BOTH laughed out loud when we saw the jars your mom gave you. that is too funny and basically just perfect.

okay i didn't know you were supposed to wash new clothes before you wear them either!!! so when i saw the title of this post i was like hey!! i was wondering that too! grant makes me feel guilty if i don't.

the best part of this post was reading that you when you heard him open the dryer you knew he wanted to fold them. that is hilarious. and knowing that would just send annoying chills down my spine. i would pry yell from the bedroom "leave them alone ok? i'll do them i promise!!! geez".

don't get annoyed at me when i write this- but chloe... as your fashionista friend..... you should pry start trying your clothes more. just kidding kinda

Little Miss Paige said...

My dad got a similar window scraper for Christmas. It's sweet!!


The Boob Nazi said...

You're so pretty. Please get another zit.... immediately.

And I totally don't wash new clothes.

I am Stacey... said...

I so love it that you called Sean to tell him not to mess with your laundry! If we had a bigger place, I'd totally do that to Josh. (Call him on my cell phone in the house, that is.) Actually, he'd probably call me even more, asking me to do stupid things like bring him some water while he's playing his video games.

I never wash new clothes. I'm always too excited to wear them! I put them on as soon as I get home from the store, and then I wear them for days straight.

Also, I love it that Mindy used the word "totes" in her comment above! I think that word is freakin' awesome.

my name is lauren. said...

i love that! you're totally saving the planet. apparently sean is just an environmental terrorist... killing the planet one load of laundry at a time.

i may have to use this line on craig. yes. definitely using this.

you are my favorite too. you make me happy :).


crissy said...

I definitely do not wash new clothes. I bought them so I could wear them now. Occassionally I will wash the babies new clothes, but not always. And Cori is weird like Sean, because he has to wash his new clothes too. So weird.
And when I do laundry (as rarely as possible) my clothes tend to live in the dryer for a while. Same with Cori's. The kids stuf usually gets put away pretty quickly, though. I don't know what makes them so special... ;)-

I love the treat jars, and I'm pretty sure I need some just like them. Except if I have them I might end up buying more bulk candy at Costco, and that could be severly detrimental to my bank account :(

(I love when it seems like my comments are as long as a blog post.... :P
I am weird.)

p.s. my word verification made me chuckle, so I have to share: "secks" ...like socks...or something else. (I'm so immature sometimes...)

Sam said...

i have one of those scrapers!!! i love it so much. and i definitely DO NOT wash new clothes. Even underwear. My mom finds that extremely disgusting and if I'm shopping with her, she will wash the clothes for me right when we get home or she'll have nightmares that I wore new, unwashed clothes.

Allison said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your Christmas! It sounds as though you're getting good use out of your presents- and I'm TOTALLY with you on the new clothes thing. Gosh, Sean, why'd you have to be so strange? :D Haha, just kidding. Who knows? Maybe it helps the.. inks... or something. :D

Anonymous said...

I love the containers! They're awesome! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

haha when I get new clothes it's like i can barely wait to get home to put them on. I always wear them immediately, and definitely never wash them :) I like the way they look when they're brand new! loved all your fun gifts, especially those jars, perfect for goodies!!

olivia rae said...

hahah. glad you guys had a good christmas!! have you seen four christmases? was it like that? i never wash clean clothes either! and sean is such a great husband! xoxo

KristenLisa said...

My boyfriend also washes new clothes, glad to know he is not the only werid-o out there that does! I am with you..totally defeats the point of NEW clothes.

Cute treat jars!

Michele said...

Maybe Saen will out putt Troy now at the office with all his practice with his new toy:) I LOVE the jars your mom got you. She is right they are perfect. I hope you feel better soon!

Michele said...

Sorry I forgot to answer your question in my last comment. I am with you I wear nes clothes a couple of times (except underwear). They never quite look as good again!

Celeste said...

My husband also washes his new clothes - something about a million people, you never know who trying them on before you buy them. I guess I see his point.

Elise Halladay said...

I never wash my new clothes. I totally wear them once then wash them. My husband is the same as Sean tho. He thinks they are super dirty and must be washed before you touch them. But I am always too excited when I buy new things. And seriously?? YOU are the beautiful one. Your hair is so pretty- never cut it as short as I did. And you have perfect teeth. Literally.

CupcakeSniper said...

You are hilarious Chloe! Oh how I love thee!! You always know just how to make me laugh!

I loved the Christmas photos! Your mom is beautiful! I can see where you get your looks from..and you look GORGEOUS!!

ps..my drier is currently being used as a drawer too ;)
but if I don't do it..nothing gets done in my house..lol

♥ Katinka said...

The jars are PERFECT for you. So funny though :) I absolutely love the wallet and my favourite picture is the one of Sean playing golf. hahahahah. SO FUNNY!
Wish you guys all the best for the New Year!!!!!

Ams said...

I love this post and you really really crack me up!
Did you get a good sleep in after you had some Nyquil.
I, too, do NOT wash my new clothes. I dance around and enjoy their newness.
It's silly people like Sean that wash them and then get sticky business all over them!! What's up with that!?

Rose Red said...

Sounds like you had a great Christmas despite the stress. I love the jars for treats and goodies.

Washing new clothes is weird. They don't seem new after you wash them.

We ♥ Life said...

I never wash my new clothes. I think about it sometimes though, usually just with jeans. Cause whenever I wear new jeans that haven't been washed they always dye my underwear blue! But I am too lazy to wash them so I just deal with tinted blue underwear :) But I do wash Cohen's new clothes.. or at least try to. Cause I'm paranoid about germs with him!
I love the jars your mom got you, so cute!!! I'm glad you guys had such a fun Christmas. Mariokart rocks! :) And you look so pretty in that pic of you and sean by the way!

Amanda said...

Christmases are never the same after you're married. There's always someone else's parents you have to please. And I hate not being able to do my own traditions just bc his Mom doesn't do it that way. And I also NEVER wash new clothes until I've worn them. Washing them makes them not new anymore, I thought everyone new that? :)

samnhal said...

Pretty sure the dryer is another drawer at my house too. I washed them, do I really have to put them away too? Urgh. I dont wash my clothes right away either. Unless they're undergarments or something, then I usually don't wear them first, because once my friend showed me an e-mail about a lady who got worms in her nipple from wearing a bra that hadn't been washed and it had stuff inside it from the country it was made in, sick huh? Maybe I'll forward you the e-mail. We got a bunch of camping gear too! Oh, p.s. You guys should go ice skating downtown at the Gallivan Plaza, it's outside and it's awesome...and then you'd be kitty corner to my work, and that would be awesome too. Hope you guys feel better soon!

lydia. said...

first of all, i really like that it seems like sean is in his lounge pants practically 24/7 since you got them for him. it's really funny.

secondly, i need the office trivia game. so jealous.
they also have an office version of the game clue. which is so funny and neat to me.

i like that your cars name is chuck.
mine's name is franchon.
after this girl that me and my friend abby saw on maury povich one time. but you have to say it like, "FRAAANCHOOON." (pronounced fran-sean.)


Annie♥ said...

heyy! your blog is so cuute! I am following-I would love it if you could follow back too : )

Annie♥ said...

Thanks so much for following and for leaving such a cute comment! I wish you the best for next year :)
Much Love,


I have to wash mine...
Just discovered your blog...
so cuuute!
You guys are so sweet & that baby, I simply want to squeeze the cheeks!

Have a wonderful New Year!


The Socialite said...

Guess I've been away for a while, but love the new blog look!

Cool gifts! Parents always give good gifts, better than before you moved in together, don't you think?! pshh - I never wash new clothes either!

Allie Garcia said...

you are the funniest girl in the world.

Randi Lee said...

No, I never wash new clothes before I wear them. I feel the same as you do there.

I LOVE your treat jars to by the way! SO cute!

And P.S. I need to you teach me how to do my hair. Mine is always so boring and blah.

anna said...

woa! chloe! it's been a while. thanks for the laugh today though girl. WTH. i can't believe people actually wash clothes before wearing them. what if you get home, put them on, and decide don't you like them? you can't return washed clothes!

i also call my husband from the other room. it's so stupid to get out of bed if you DON'T HAVE TO.