Wednesday, September 16, 2009


i have the sweetest mother and mother-in-law in the world. they must be somewhat concerned for the well-being of Sean after reading our blog. i promise i'm probably the worst wife in the world, but i do have a lot of love to give, and that's what matters, right?

last night my mother-in-law sent some wonderful stroganoff home with Sean. it was amazing. i think i could actually enjoy making that. my problem, is not that i hate cooking, or that i am bad at it. and despite what Sean says, i am not always bleeding when i am in the kitchen. it's only happened like 4 and a half times. and i blame that on a genetic trait that was passed down from my mothers side... but i also blame all the awesomeness on them too...

the other night i was washing a glass by hand because we don't have a dishwasher.and because Sean wasn't there to do it. it broke and cut me. so for safety purposes, i have decided to refrain from washing the dishes. it's far too dangerous. and it created problems because i didn't want to bleed on the frozen pizza i was slaving over and it was just too complicating.

i am too impulsive to cook. when i am hungry, i want to eat NOW. when i want my hair cut, i have to get it cut right away. i can't plan for things. i don't know how to. it stresses me out. i don't know why. if i am cooking, i get hungry and am snacking on something while i am cooking. then it gets all hot in the kitchen and i hate being hot and usually i am bleeding and already eating something so it just doesn't always seem like the most idealistic thing for me to be doing with my time.

i believe in eating straight out of the box, and using paper cups and plates. when i am doing dishes, they are usually not my own. it's usually Sean's chocolate milk glasses and bowls of ice cream. when they are my dishes, its usually my sticky rice krispie dishes and if you have ever made rice krispie treats before, you know that you have to at least let those things soak for a few days. i eat straight out of the carton to save water and dish soap. i would consider myself an enviromentalist/green for sure.

my mother-in-law offered to come clean my house or make us food if we ever needed it. seriously, she is the sweetest thing ever, i might just have to take her up on that because it gets really hard to cook and clean when you are trying to watch 47 brand new shows on TV without TIVO. you can only get so much done in between commercials. life is rough.

Sean and i were on our way home from work the other day and i just started crying for no reason. i don't know why. i couldn't explain it. we were at the gas station for crying out loud. how do you get emotional at a gas station? he was filling up, and he went inside, he didn't even know i was crying but he brought me a diet dr.pepper. he is so good to me.

after that we went to macey's to switch all my prescriptions there because no offense to albertons but they take FOREVER and i usually leave in tears, so it's probably not the best idea for my mental well being and my anxiety. it kind of defeats the purpose of me waiting in line for my anxiety pills and birth control when i feel like cutting off my own arm and throwing it at the person who is so unwillingly helping me.

Sean took care of switching everything over. he even let me buy a whole new bag of frooties... and chocolate covered pretzels. and he didn't even judge me. at least not to my face. and i may have possibly eaten the whole 5 serving bag of chocolate covered pretzels already. but maybe i didn't? so what if i did? salty and sweet soothes my soul.

i fell asleep for a little bit and woke up in a blanket of frootie wrappers. that was my moment of bliss. then Sean brought me my prescription and even watched a little bit of the notebook with me later that night after he finished his HOURS of homework. i hate his homework. it's so stressful. i bet it stresses him out too.

i have bad news. i am going to miss The Office premiere this week. i almost cried when i found out that we had a softball tournament game at 8:15. and no TIVO.

a while back when we first got married, we were offered a nice gift of our choice by some very kind people. i wanted DVR/TIVO. sean wanted a BBQ. guess who won? sometimes i can be so selfless it amazes me. i told you i sacrificed a lot when we got married. Sean became addicted to BBQing and i even had to put him on BBQ probation. he wanted to cook anything and everything on that thing. i like BBQ's. don't get me wrong. but we were having one almost 5 nights a week. i considered putting him in therapy. i'm not sure what it is that guys love about BBQ'ing, but i wish that i wouldn't have put him on probation. he didn't deserve that. i really am the meanest wife ever..

i need to be more like my mom and mother-in-law. they are incredible people. thanks vicki, for raising the most incredible son. it takes a lot of patience to put up with this girl... and thank you mom, it must have taken a lot of patience to raise this girl. you are both such strong, kind, giving, selfless people. i love you both, and hope to be like the both of you someday!


The Boob Nazi said...

Good plan not to do the dishes.

Maddie said...

chlo, you are a funny girl. glad to see you and sean take such good care of each other in such different ways. . .

grant + brittany said...

i think i should just count on always sharing what we have in common after each post.

so i am also extremely impulsive. it has led me to bad habits. bad habits of not eating! ok don't get too scared because i am fine and i really just LOVE food. BUT if i can't have something so amazing and out of this world when i feel hungry then i'm like screw it. and i have nothing, except for maybe a glass of cold water because that always sounds good.

but on the flip side... i have to say summer sales has been a good thing for a lot of reasons. the wives usually try to get jobs in the summer but since we are only there for 4 months... a lot of times nobody gets a job. SO its like if you DON'T have a really yummy dinner for your husband when he gets home then you are pretty much... pathetic. summer sales forced me into the kitchen and now i can say i can cook! anyway but back when i was working a full time job at the beginning of our marriage i was Soooooooo tired when i got home from work. when we become real live friends then maybe i can show you some easy fast stuff. not that you wrote this post for recipe advice its just i have felt the exact same ways. does this make sense? hope so.

Staci T said...

You were such an easy child. I don't get it. But, I love you anyway.

Olivia Rae said...

hahaha you make me laugh so hard. you can watch the office premiere online!!

Rachel Leigh said...

I am the same with food. When I am hungry, I am hungry right NOW! My husband doesn't understand, I am glad you do. I usually end up eating something far worse than if I had just waited for dinner. :) I am jealous that you got another bag of frooties, I still need to go get one.

Michael & Mindy said...

Maybe I already told you, but I'm so with you on TV taking over my life. And we don't have TIVO either. We are so alike. Last night I missed Biggest Loser premier because of a baby shower for my sister in law. I was disgusted. That they would schedule it during the show, I mean. Now I'm already behind and it just started. But after seeing One Tree Hill premier, k think I can cross it off my list of must-see shows. So not impressed with the newbies. And what is that show without Payton and Lucas anyway?! Ug.

Anonymous said...

Stop telling yourself that you are the worst wife ever. Tell yourself you will become a better wife, and you are already an amazing wife..