Monday, September 14, 2009

I love rainy days..

i love the rain. just like everyone else in the world. and if you don't then you might as well kick puppies for a living because it will make me sad if you don't. (please don't kick puppies for a living, or hate rain) it reminds me so much of spending my 19th summer in oregon. i miss it terribly. mark my words, i will live there someday.. 

regina spektor has been in my cd player for a few weeks now. i tend to get obsessed with a song and play it over a million times. i think it's kinda funny because one of the lyrics in this song is "it's like forgetting, the words to your favorite song, and you can't believe it, you were always singin' along.." i guess i can just relate.. here is the video "Eet" (i hope i never forget the words to this song, that would be ironic)

okay, am going to ask this question, at the risk of sounding like a psycho, but does anyone else out there, get totally disgusted with zits or blackheads, yet totally fascinated at the same time? like perhaps your husbands? and you kinda can't stop staring at their blackhead for days, and it's actually one that they have had since you started dating, and it always comes back, but you really just want to get in there and have that satisfaction of getting it out? and when you finally tell them about it because you can't stop thinking about it, and then they deny it, and then grab your magnifying mirror to see if it's really there, and then they decide to be so incredibly selfish, and squeeze it out themselves? sigh. that's what happened last night. i felt totally denied.

so what did i do? tried to squeeze out more of his, but he got it all and cried like a pansy when i barely touched him. so i sat on the sink pouting in the bathroom and tried to find a blackhead or zit of my own. just so i could get that satisfaction. so i found a potential zit, and squeezed it. and now i have a big fat ugly read mark on my forehead because i have a selfish husband.

i however am not selfish. i cooked sean dinner tonight, for the second time in a week. i'm trying really hard here to be a good wife. and no, i didn't order pizza. i bought it at albertson's and it was delicious. it only took 16-18 minutes. $3. oh yeah. and i only made it for sean, i had already eaten mcdonald's. he burned his tongue. i guess that's what happens though when you are selfish and don't let your wife pick your zits.

i also spent $70 on the following items:

oreo cakesters
ritz peanut butter sandwiches
fruit roll ups
captain crunch
coco pebbles
lays potato chips
dreyer's triple chocolate icecream
fruity popsicles with icecream centers
cinnamon rolls
some meat
ego waffles
milk- 1% (trying to eat healthier)


The Boob Nazi said...


Elise Halladay said...

Seriously- I loved your whole zit/blackhead story. I am totally the same way and I think my husband hates it. But it IS fascinating/disgusting. So glad someone out there is like me! Keep up the good work

Matt said...

It must run in the family. Mom picked a zit on my back so many times it became a hole. Soon she had to clean out the hole with a needle and I couldn't even feel it.

I liked your shopping list, too!

Thanks for dinner Sunday.

Shane and Bonnie Peavler said...

SO glad I'm not the only one obsessed with that - and I get the EXACT same reaction from Shane. And your shopping list is priceless :)

The Boob Nazi said...

I emailed you the story, yo.

Rachel Leigh said...

First of all, I LOVE regina spektor! Her songs are great. And I love zits. My husband is selfish too and never ever lets me pick his. If I happen to point one out, he will lock himself in the bathroom and pick it himself just so I won't bug him to do it myself. I think it is the coolest thing in the world, but he never ever lets me. :(

The Peavler Duo said...

I love regina spector too! Do you think you could be burn me a copy? ps. I Jim is the same way too with the whole zits/blackheads :)

Michael & Mindy said...

I love popping zits. Sometimes Michael is selfish, too, and pops his own. And he almost cries when I barely touch him. Maybe our husbands can be BFFs

shirah said...

Hey chloe! i love the smell of rain too! and the smell of the air before it rains ;) thanks for the birthday wishes! yes, i had an awesome time :)