Friday, August 7, 2009

wonderful suprise

sean and i just got back from our softball game and we won! it was a great night. everyone did really well. while i was at the game my sister suprised me with a wonderful gift that my grandma dallyne had sent in the mail! a pair of earrings and two beautiful bracelets, one with my name - chloe rose- on it, and the other with mine and seans name. they are so beautiful. she hand made all of them. she is so talented.

i would call you right now grandma but i am not sure if it's too late. i want you to know how much i love them though, and am so thankful to have such a fabulous grandma. i can't wait to wear them! you made my day! i love you! tell grandpa hi, and that i love him too!

anyway, i just wanted to say that. i will post pictures of them later! and because of sean's last post, i guess i better explain my story about the car and the gas hose. 

yes. it is true. when i was 17 i drove away from a gas station with the gas hose still in my car. i was running late to work and i did not realize it happened until the hose came off of the machine and the most awful sound in history was made. actually it wasn't that bad of a sound, but it was in the middle of the day with TONS of people around and i thought i ran over a dog or something. oh wait, i have done that before. it was awful. that was the worst night of my life. why? because it was a cute little white dog. oh and a man was running out in the middle of the road to get it. oh and did i mention it was christmas? yeah i killed some little kids christmas present. i cant be for certain, but i think there was a big red bow tied around its neck. i cried for hours. maybe even days. i think it was this dog:

R.I.P. Christmas Puppy
i am so sorry. please forgive me. you ran out in the middle of the icy road and i would have hit a car had i swerved. 
 i know you are in doggy heaven though. i hope you are well. please tell cherry hi. and don't hate me..

anyway. cat in the hat. back to the real story. after i realized what i had done i FREAKED out. was i going to go to jail? how do you fix these kind of things? i broke a gas hose. a highly flammable object. was it going to blow up? was i getting charged for leaking gas? in my panicked state, i got out of my car, grabbed the broken hose, took it back over the the pump, laid it on the ground, ran back to my car, and drove away. i didn't go back to that gas station until i had a new car and license plate. i was afraid i was red flagged or something. that a warrant would be out for my arrest. anyway... maddie still drives that car.. with that license plate.  oh the joys of being a twin... they will never prove it was me.. muahahahaha... oh wait.. i used a debit card... they can't track those can they?


Maddie said...

yeah, thanks for screwing me over on that one! haha. that dog was committing suicide. i swear it. he angled right for your car, leaped into your bumper . . . i was there. he had that look in his eyes. that was his day to go.

Dallyne Crowton said...

I'm glad you liked the jewelry. You are so funny. That accident will haunt you forever. I love you.

Masters Of Disasters said...

Wow, your a dangerous driver!! You better let people know when your out on the roads (kidding)!

Michele said...

Oh Chloe, Chloe, Chloe........ you make us laugh with your driving adventures. Hey, it might be a good idea to have Sean drive EVERYDAY:)

Rachel Leigh said...

You are so hilarious! I love your stories!

derek and kimber said...

Chloe you make me laugh!! this made my day!