Tuesday, June 2, 2009

So proud...

Last night, Sean and I decided to go to Maverik to get some ice cream. The crazy thing about this, is that it was waaaaaay past Sean's bed time. It was actually his idea and I couldn't believe it. If you look to the right you can follow my twitter and see that I tweeted about it. We rocked out to Queen with the windows rolled down on the way there. Yeah we are crazy like that. When we got there, Sean got the biggest ice cream he could possibly get and we decided to get some milk. As we were walking out, he slipped in a puddle of water in front of a car of girls and almost lost his ice cream. It was pretty funny and I am horrible for laughing. But anyway, when we got home, I still couldn't believe he was awake so we had to document it. Sean likes to go to bed early. I don't blame him. He works hard and goes to school. And he wakes up early. I however, go to bed later and wake up..ahem..later. Anyway, I am so proud of him for staying up past ten...on a school night! GASP!!

"Soo tired..must get sleep.."

Sean LOVES school. Look how cute he is leaving for the day. Backpack and everything...

Possible captions to this picture:

"Look Ma! I can read!!"
"Thumbs up dude! School totally rocks!"
"Cheese...Cheese...Cheese..did you take it yet?"

If you are wondering what is in his little bag. Let me help you. M&Ms, dried mangos, and something else I forgot. Sean packed this himself. He called it his 'Treat Bag'. Aww...so proud. Is it just me or does he look a little way too excited to be going to school? I love how he buckled his back pack on..safety first.

Showin off his back pack. Nice.


Staci T said...

I might be speachless. No one should be that happy to go to school. I like the treat bag though.

Lee S. said...

lol. i love it!!

Dash said...


kels&murr said...

boys will be boys. gotta love em! i think our hubbies would get along VERY well!