Monday, June 15, 2009

Dad's Birthday!

Here are the pictures I promised a few posts back. June 8th was my Dad's 49th, I mean 29th birthday. He wanted his favorite food, Alaskan king crab, so we went to Outback. Our waiter's name was Jay and he was the coolest waiter ever. He is from Korea and he even sang Happy Birthday to my dad in Korean. Here are a couple of pictures from dinner. Sean is going to hate me, but in all honesty, he knows that everything he does is subject to the world wide web.

I guess I should explain first, how Sean eats his ribs. Ribs are messy. We all know that. I guess Sean and I are different, but when I eat ribs, if I have sauce on my fingers, I either lick my fingers, or I wipe my fingers on my napkin. They do provide wet naps after all. Sean has this condition I guess you could say. He doesn't like to wipe his hands on the napkin, or lick his fingers until he is completely done with his meal. He lets all the sauce pile up on his fingers. Then has a hard time grabbing his drink, so he tries to pick it up with his wrists with his sticky, goopy fingers sticking out awkwardly. I then have to hold his drink for him. Some might wonder if he is mentally challenged when he is doing this, but don't worry we have already checked into that. He is fine.
The Beginning
Sean and me
The Birthday Boy and Mom
I have no words..
Dani and Sam
Maddie and Leezel
Mom and Sean
Mom trying to eat some of Sean's ribs
The whole gang
Jay wanted us to take a funny picture.

This is Jay, the awesome waiter

Lee made my dad his favorite cake in the whole world. Pineapple upside down cake. He was thrilled!

It was a great night. Happy Birthday Dad!


Matt said...

I can't believe I am the first to post. Isn't mom a hottie. I can't believe she married me. I'm the luckiest guy in the world. What a bday present and I get to be with her whenever I want. ;)

I really liked the pics and the company and the P.U.C. (pineapple upsidedown cake)

Staci T said...

Dad's cool! Love him!