Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Chloe's first time to Strawberry...and other things

When the weather gets warm i get this itch to go fishing. I talked chloe into coming with me. so last saturday me and Chloe met up with my brother Brandon and his two dogs Koda and Riley the dog. It was a little chilly but it was still way fun. We started out by using some power bait and sat there for a couple of hours without even a bite. So then we decided to put on a gold vibrax and BAM! So i caught one and then brandon caught this one....

a few more followed. unfortunately Chloe wasn't so lucky but seriously she is a natural. check out this cast.

The funny thing was that brandon's dogs thought that our casts were us playin with them. they would chase them and jump at them. not only that, we couldn't keep them out of the water; even though the water was freezing. when i pulled in my first one Koda decided to chase it but didn't realize the ledge that was only about 2 feet from the shore. Here is koda falling in the water.

After she fell in she cried the rest of our time there. Chloe tried to warm her up by snuggling with her in a blanket.

Here are some other pics.

OH! and we got a new BBQ!


Staci T said...

Wow! Chloe fishing. Never thought I'd see it. Cute dogs.

@manda said...

oh poor Koda bear! Chloe, great cast! Fishing is so much fun. I never get the chance to do it but looks like you guys had a blast!