Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Parties, Parties, Rings and Things..

So, let me just say, the Bachelorette Party was..well..AMAZING! I had such blast that night. It was full of some unexpected fun and suprises, but most of all it was just awesome to hang out with my family and friends. I do not have all of the pictures from that night uploaded, but I will post them as soon as I do. The concert was a blast. I think if you weren't decked out from head to toe in 80's clothes or neon colors, and weren't in the mood to shake it, then it probably wouldn't have been as fun for you. It was so sweet and tender to watch Vanilla and Hammer, live out their dreams of still trying to be "cool" twenty, I mean eighteen (Beth ;) years later. How nice was it to share that moment with them, even though most the time we were laughing at them. Still. So precious.

Let me just say, now we are down to the awesome perks of getting married. As my family, Sean, and many friends know, planning this wedding has been a nightmare for me. I am not the planning type. I am the spur of the moment, lets just go on a road trip, get my hair dyed without even thinking about it, type of person. It has been hard for me, but I know that it is so worth it. On Saturday, my friends and family threw me a Bridal Shower. I stole some pictures off on my sister's blog. So thats why the pictures look superfantastic. But anway, it was a great day and I got a lot of really neat stuff. Thanks everyone for coming! After each gift that I opened, my Aunt Penny would tape a bow or ribbon from the gift into my hair. In order for me to take them off, Sean had to come and kiss me once for every bow. He had been moving in to our apartment all morning, but made the effort to come rescue me from Bowmania and take all of the gifts to our apartment.

After the shower, as we were trying to clean up the apartment, we decided to go down to Torrey, Utah to visit my Grandma Dave and pick up a desk he had made for my sister Maddie. I didn't find out until that day, but he had been making Sean and I one as well for our wedding gift. It is one of the sweetest gifts I have ever recieved, and is absolutely beautiful. It was great to go down and see him and spend the rest of the weekend with him, Sean, Maddie, and Lee. We were able to do a little bit of four-wheeling, and get a little bit of rest before coming back and dealing with the craziness before the wedding.
On Monday night, I decided to suprise Sean with a wedding gift. My dad had just brought a brand new big flat screen TV for our new basement at home. Well he found a bigger one that he wanted more, so he is letting me buy it from him. I suprised Sean on Monday and when I went down into the basement to show him, and said "K, open your eyes! Here is your gift!" He thought I was referring to the blue plastic moving totes in the middle of the room. He was like "Ahh..thanks?" Haha. He would have loved them with all of his dear heart if that was his real gift, but I am pretty sure he loves the TV more. It looks great in our new place and I just can't wait to get in there and decorate.

Yesterday was quite a big day for us. Especially for me because I was able to go to the temple last night. What a great experience that was. Now we are one step closer to gettin hitched. Wahoo!
Other happy news.. I got my ring back..AGAIN! I know, I know. What is the deal? Well some of you know I have been struggling with some sort of problem with my hands for the last 2 years. I have been to the Dr. several times for it. But they just can't seem to figure out what is going on. I have 4 knuckles, 2 in each hand, that sporatically swell up. It started with just one finger/ knuckle 2 years ago, and then the pinky on my other hand started to swell up. Well about 2 months ago, my ring finger on my left handed decided it wanted to be a part of the club and started to swell up. About the same time, my thumb in my other hand did. Not only are they swollen, but they are VERY painful. In the mornings I can hardly open a bottle of water and it hurts to get ready in the mornings. It was hard getting all of the invites ready, and I don't know how I am going to send out all my thank you cards after the wedding, but lets hope for the best. Now I know everyones hands and fingers swell up from time to time. But it is just these joints, and once they swell, they stay big. They may not always be as big or swollen, but my ring that used to be a little bit too big, is now too small. I can usually get it on, but then my finger swells up even more and I can't get it off. It has been really frustrating for me. I never used to like jewelry that much on my hands, but I LOVE my ring. I haven't gained any weight, and the Dr. thinks this could be hormonally related because once I started both control, my hands just took a turn for the worse. What used to only happen every so often, seems to be permanent right now. But don't worry..I am going to a hand specialist in April to see if they can figure out what makes just some of my joints swell up and hurt. All is good! Wow this post is long and I am sorry for boring you. I will shut up now!
P.S. Just kidding about shutting up..Sean just scored Jazz Tickets for tonight and I almost peed my pants I am sooo excited! oh and 9 more days!!!


The Boob Nazi said...

Ummm I want pictures from the concert!!!!

Staci T said...

The wedding is going to be beautiful. I got the guarantee!I love you, your shower was great fun and I am sorry if the little nightie embarressed you but it was given with the best of intentions. It is going to be amazing!