Monday, December 1, 2008

Sean's side of the story

Yes is true! I was staring at her. I couldn't help it. But we'll get back to that in a moment. So the first time i remember Chloe Rose Thomas was at Ernies. She was there with one of my buddies and i remember thinkin, "woooooooowwwww....that girl is hot." but i knew she had a boyfriend and i was so intimidated anyway that there was no way i would be able to talk to her. So time went on and i saw her with a few times after that and everytime there was something about her that caught my interest. I dont actually remember her being at my mission farewell but i was all over the place anyway so i'll take her word for it. So then like 4 years later i was sitting in a staff meeting one thrusday morning and she stood up and introduced her self cuz she had just started. (and yes i was staring then too...) anyway i remember the thought that came into my head. i knew that she would have some huge impact on my life and i really wanted to get to know her. so needless to say i made a few extra trips over to her office to...uhh..."visit my dad." (we work at the same company but i work in a different building)

Then came the Luau. I seriously was probably the biggest creeper in the world. I kept lookin her way and EVERYTIME she would catch me. I felt like such a dork. But oh well. We started talkin and i took her phone and put my number in it and then she invited me to her softball game that night (actually i think i invited my self...hahah) Anyway it wasn't much longer that i was dressed up as Juno and she was Pauly (refer to picture). We went to a party that night at my buddy's house. we were just dancing around havin a good time and then she looked over at me and it was just like the movies. It got all quite in my head and i found my self lookin at her in the eyes and right then and there i knew that i loved her and wanted to be with her forever. (maybe it was the gold shorts and sweat bands that did me in....who knows...)

So then it came time to make if official. I WAS A MESS! Man...i couldn't sleep. i was sick to my stomach and i was actin like an idiot. i dont blame her for not wanting to hang out with me. anyway i asked her that night and when i tried to put the ring on her finger i was shakin so bad, she grabbed the ring and basically put it on herself. (i promise i have never been so nervous in my life) But anyway thats my side of the story. probably more than you wanted to know but i have never been happier in my entire life. She is the best thing that has ever happened to me and i am the luckiest dude in the world.

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megan said...

1) i just found this blog tonight and have been trying to play "catch up: the condensed version" and stumbled upon this post.
2) i also cannot believe the lack of comments on this post! so sweet. i love the man-version of love stories.

loving this blog. like, LOVE love, no take backs.