Friday, June 13, 2008

about us.

sean: 24 years old. mr. perfect. attractive. makes me laugh all the time. has 2 brothers and one sister. is obsessed with his barbecue. obsessed with golfing. currently attending uvu with a major in business finance. he sleeps on the right side of the bed. he snores. he likes to wake up super early and clean. he is weird. because he does that. i kind of like talking like this. with periods. not sure if it is a real way of writing but i don't even care. he is obsessed with big trucks and cars. he used to be a mechanic. he has brown eyes. sometimes with green in them. he is 5'11". has skinnier legs than me. no it's true. we measured. you know the part just above your ankle? yeah. mine is bigger. sean likes burgers. he loves a good steak. he hates tomatoes. the only vegetable i like. okay the only fresh vegetable i like. he doesn't care much for sweets. which leaves more for me. he is a terrible liar. but some how managed to surprise me on our anniversary when he flew me out to vegas to be with him. used to clog. don't tell him i told you. i am trying to track down some pictures. he speaks spanish. went on a mission for our church to florida for 2 years. he thinks katie holmes is his favorite actress. notice i said he thinks. favorite tv show is the office. has never had braces. neither have i! very good with children. they melt his heart. you can see it in his face when he plays with them. loves camping. likes to do manly things. yet can't seem to stop wearing a moomoo. incredibly smart. almost died in a longboarding accident when he was 17. lived. met me. married me. probably wished that he wouldn't have lived.

chloe: this is weird. lets see. i am 23. twin. mom had two sets of twin 2 and under. i am obsessed with candy. and elephants. people would consider me very sensitive but i don't always love hearing that. i wanna be a tough girl. like if you mess with me i will mess you up. remember this story?  yeah, i am not good at acting tough. i have my associates degree, and a like to call it an almost bachelor degree in community health. you think employers will accept an almost degree? i have been to australia and fiji. i don't like fresh veggies except tomatoes. i absolutely hate cucumbers and sean loves them so we always trade when we go out to eat. waiters think it's cute. i call it convenient. i have dark brown hair. green brown eyes. 5'6". long feet. bigger legs than my husband. same size feet as him too. i love going to movies. love sleeping in. i hate cleaning. i hate doing chores. i love things to be clean though. i would probably hire a maid if i didn't spend all my money on candy and shiny things. i have had lots of surgeries on my feet. 3 on one foot and 1 on the other. broke the law when i was 5. have played softball since i was little. work at the same mortgage company as sean. i prepare loan documents. i am a terrible liar as well. this makes it interesting for sean and i. we are super, almost too honest with each other. i sleep on the left side of the bed. by the door. isn't it supposed to be the other way around? my favorite tv show is the office. and i have been loving hgtv lately. i like reading. currently reading "columbine". it is very interesting. i want a puppy. that is all.

and sean just came out asking if i should maybe cook dinner? i think i shouldn't. but i probably will.

i hope he likes chocolate chips cookies.